LHRP x Marble convict babies

by fishflipper

Forgot to write the date down when they were born but I had fry from a male leucistic honduras red point and a female marble convict . Pictures were taken before the  baby group was separated. I ended up basically only keeping the majority  of the leusistic looking marble fry. In this batch I ended up with 4 kinds of fish:

Regular marble : color reflects that of a regular marble con

Regular white(or pink) : color reflects of a regular white/pinkish con

Leucistic marble : appearance of a marble but full iridescent  shine over the full body( very hard to capture on film)with more pure white color base

leucistic  white :whiter than the pink output and vertical white iridescent bars on the sides of the  body

Basic goal was to make  more vibrant colored cons with a cleaner black + white contrast like the ones of my friend has been able to create. To me its actually a very solid hybrid, theres more overall color contrast with this mix. I think the young exceed the potential of the original parents. I have raised this cross before and they looked great.