Old Town

by fishflipper

On my travels to China Outside of Shanghai I visited a city named Xitang, its english translation I was told is Old town. Inside the town, there are many well-preserved architectural groups constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Xitang is level, densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment.9 rivers converge in this town, dividing it into 8 sections, but many bridges link this water town together(anciently called as “nine dragon old pearl” and “wind from 8 sides”). This conveniently designed town must have been amazing in its prime. People do still live there but ideally a place for tourists now. There are tons of stone bridges over the canals(reminds me of navigating thru Amsterdam). Crossing one of the bridges I found an old man on a chair with buckets of fish. I was unsure why he was there and what he was doing. He was a street veneering and he was there to help you find luck. If you released a fish into the river (for a fee of course) you would recieve good luck.  If you were more giving(financially) you could release more appealing fish in to the river if you also choose to as well. In the large bucket basically for a $1.00 you could let a goldfish go and for $5.00 you could release a snakehead into the water. I gave the old man money to take pictures of fish but I never released the fish because it was so cold outside I did not want to kill a fish, the pictures were enough for me.

Grass carp drying outside of a home in Xitang

Snook being sold in the market

6 inch snakehead (the big spender fish)

The lucky goldfish