Old school Flowerhorns

by fishflipper

Back in the day when I was raising and selling flowerhorns my gold mine at the time was a local store called Wongs Aquaruim.  Located in the city of Toronto this family owned store was one of the greatest places for me to find fish. Back then a lot of fish would come through the store and the owners would accept drop offs so it was a get source for young flowerhorns to pick out and raise. Remember back then the flower horns did not look as good as they do today.  The fish would only  start to show good color around 5 inches or so back then. Todays flowerhorns can show more color at 1.5 inches than an old style  flower horn at 8 inches. Here are a few old pictures of what young fish looked like when there were predominately Trimac/red devil based. These were there pre pearl era flowerhorns. You will also notice these were labeled small so  up to 3 inches were selling for only  $3.00. These guys at first glimpse would look very much like young red devil babies.