Flowerhorn x Convict cichlid (flowercon)

by fishflipper

This all happened out of an accident where I really lucked out honestly. I was at a local fish store where someone had dropped off a huge batch of flower horn fry and I could see something was different about them. Some had orange color splotches  on them but there were only a few with this and these fish were 2 inches long at the time. They were only $4.00 so I took a chance on one and got a stockier looking one thinking in my head  this one may grow to be a chunky male.

I thought this fish may carry some marble/calico genetics in it but it turned out that it was my first exposer to having a fader fish. The  fish slowly turned pink on me and turned out to be  a female. Big rule of thumb I learned from this – if you see small FH fry its hard to vent when small… but the female are wider in height in the body and carry more color , the males usually more pale/washed out  and  skinner. FH fry are not like mature african cichlids where dominate males carry the color and have the size early on. Once I found this was a girl I was pretty bummed out but knew it was a nice fish because faders have always been rare in the trade especially here in Ontario back then.

I kept this fish in a divided tank with another oddball  on the other side of the divider. I had s a regular stripped male convict  I was keeping the con  until I found another female Jellybean. The stripped con was recessive for short body (reg con x short bodied con).Heres where the fun happened.  I had the female FH on the side with the filter, the water current was drawing in her direction. One day I looked in and saw the female laid eggs and noticed there were fertilized. This was my first divided bred pair I ever had!

The fry all came out stripped and I kept  a few that were showing more color than the others. The fading I concluded was recessive to the cons dominate stripping so i figured no would fade (out of 7 grow outs non did). The fish grew larger than convicts and in a much quicker time period.

The positives of this cross: like having mini flower horns, less aggressive nature/ acted more like a convict only acted threatening,never attacked another fish in a community tank, can be kept in a community tank unlike flowerhorns.

The negative of this cross…convict genetic colors dominated the fish make the fish appear mostly green and stripped, when I paired two offspring they breed more like FH, locking jaws, male would over power the female,beat her up bad ( dislocating her jaw), majority of the fry were very ugly. If I tried this again I would cross with a white convict.. But I’ve been down this road already.

For the pictures below the female (the pinkie flower horn), next is the father con, followed by 5 pictures of the young from fry -young fish – and to adults

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